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Version Change Log and Release Notes

Version is available from CVS using the CVS Tag "V_1_5_1_0_Maint". This release is now in maintenance mode, and only important defect fixes will be made available on this branch.


To install, you will need to have a Java Development Kit (JDK) Release 1.6 or later installed on your computer. This will be asked for during the installation process. You can download the installation package from Zip Download or Tarball Download. Either package can be installed on either Windows or Linux.

To install, you will need to unpack the archive file and then execute the installer. (The package is made with IzPack and we fully recommend it.)

If you have Java properly installed on your computer, you should be able to launch the archive directly, but if not, you can also launch the installer with:

java -jar OpenRateV1_5_1_0.jar

You should then see the installer welcome screen:

V1510 Installer Welcome.png

Next you should read the "ReadMe" and accept the license. Please note that the installation has an evaluation license that you have to accept. Note that this temporary license does not limit your rights! Please just contact us for a GPL or proprietary license.

Next you can choose the packages that you wish to install. We suggest you install all of the packages.

Next you can choose the installation location. We STRONGLY suggest that you install to a location that does not contain spaces in the file name, because Windows does not manage these sorts of paths correctly (but Linux of course is OK):

V1510 InstallPath.png

Next you will have to locate the JDK that is installed on your system. If it is not installed, you will have to install one. Most IDEs come with a JDK bundled, so you should be able to find one easily.

After this, the files will be installed.

Change Log Changes:

  • DB Connection management: Connection Leak on JDBCOutputAdapter fixed
  • DB Connection management: Added many more configuration options (MinPool, MaxPool etc) to the C3P0 DB Adapter
  • DB Connection management: Changed low scheduler time out from 0mS to 100mS: Caused Connection Leak on JDBCOutputAdapter
  • Pro ration: Add period start and end date to pro-ration calculations
  • AbstractMultipleValidityMatch: Correct isValid method (threw class cast exception)
  • Framework: Handle out of memory exception
  • Pipeline: Set schedulerHigh time out to 100mS (was 0mS leading to high CPU usage)
  • Input Adapter: Increment stream counter did not work
  • Output Adapter: Add LogDiscardedRecords property
  • Output Adapter: JDBCOutputAdapter: Remove error if no commit/rollback statement defined
  • Caches: Allow configurable logging of load statements: Default 1000 entries per log statement
  • DB Connection management: Add new config options MinPool, MaxPool, MaxIdleTime
  • DB Connection management: Add new config options MaxStatementsPerConnection
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