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V1.1.0.7 is the latest release after V1.1.0.5. V1.1.0.6 was an internal release which was never consolidated.

Batch processing changes in V1.1.0.7 are:

  • File name filtering improved using he "fileNameFilter" method. This allows the user additional control over which files are to be processed. The user level method can be used to select files for filtering using user logic.
  • Internal scheduling changes to allow the management of file level discards. The internal scheduler now runs for 2 seconds after records are processed or files are moved. This means that processing a directory of mixed new files and file duplicates runs at full speed.
  • DuplicateCheck cache updated. It now manages a misxture of in memory and in DB processing
  • DB Connection management. Old/Stale DB connections are now refreshed on check out

Framework changes in V1.1.0.7 are:

  • Email Notification Cache introduced: This allows notifications to be sent asyncronously out of pipeline processing, for example for fraud notifications
  • Semaphore files. You can now use files to issue commands to the ECI
  • Version Auditing. This (to us) valuable feature allows us to know the versions of files you are running at the time a problem occured.
  • Cache auto-reloading. This allows reference data to be reloaded according to a pre-set schedule without user intervention

Config GUI changes in V1.1.0.7 are:

  • Config GUI completely re-worked to run on Seam.
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