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Welcome to the OpenRate Community Wiki


Reference Documentation

Getting Support

There are many ways that you can get support:

  • Contact us via the forum: This is where you can make general inquiries and discuss things when you don't need an immediate answer.
  • Ticket Tracking System: You can enter a ticket in the tracking system Here
  • Instant Messenger or Skype: You can contact us via Instant Messenger (Yahoo!, ICQ or MSN), or via Skype. For the addresses, see Contact Us.
  • Email: For the addresses, see Contact Us.

Developer Guide

The developer's guide is a document that will help you if you need to develop an application with OpenRate. It aims to give you contextual information and informal expanations to the way that OpenRate applications are developed and structured.

This is where you should start once you have understood OpenRate concepts and capabilities, and want to develop an OpenRate application.

Example Applications

This section gives you some background information about how to run the example applications and what they do. This should be your starting place for finding an example to develop your work from, or to get some practical experience with.

About This Wiki

All For One

This is the community driven documentation effort for OpenRate. If this wiki doesn't have the information you need, feel free to ask any questions you have in the forums.

One For All

If you wish to contribute to this wiki, Thank You! Only registered users may edit pages, because there are so many idiots out there that fill up pages with meaningless links. So please Contact Us and we will create a login for you. Please read How To Use This Wiki before doing so, so that we don't step on each others toes.

Getting Help





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