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Developer Guide Index

Welcome to the OpenRate developer guide. This document is intended to help you create applications using the OpenRate framework.

  • Installing OpenRate From a Distribution - How to set up OpenRate from a distribution package.
  • Installing OpenRate From CVS - How to set up OpenRate from CVS.
  • Starting OpenRate - Explains how to get OpenRate up and running in the NetBeans IDE with the example applications. This in effect is the OpenRate "Hello World" program.
  • OpenRate Example Applications - Explains how to run the OpenRate example applications, the split between the core software and the application, and how to know what files are going to be processed and where the results appear.
    • Simple Example is a fully detailed anatomical examination of a simple, but fully functional OpenRate application.
    • Simple XML Example shows you how to create an application with xml as input as well as output.
    • Customized Parser Example is a good example of controlling file parsing. If your input file change frequently then this example is for you.
    • DBTest Example is same as Simple Example but uses database instead of files to get in and output the records along with some processing.
    • RatingTest Example is a slightly more complex application that does some real work and introduces more advanced concepts.
    • PolishTelecomAuth Example shows real time authorization and reservation system.
    • Complex Rating Test is a complex, production grade rating pipeline for voice, SMS and GPRS/UMTS services.
  • Creating your first OpenRate Application - This is a step by step guide to setting up a simple pipeline to perform an enrichment task. This will be the natural place to come once you have seen and got bored of the example applications (it should not take that long to get bored of the examples)
  • Development Tools - Tools that you will need to install before you can work with developing OpenRate applications.

Advanced Topics

These are topics that you will probably not need until you have gained a fair amount of experience with using the main package, and want to get involved in core development.

Plugin development

One of the most exciting areas for people who are coming to OpenRate from other systems is the possibility to create new modules. Not only is this possible, it is easy and fast.

Configuration Examples

The following examples show the practical creation of configurations for some typical examples.

Calling the customer interface API

The OpenRate Customer Interface API can be called from either web services, or directly from Java. Calling from Java has the advantage that it is faster, but requires that you have direct access to both Java and the customer interface JAR files.

The main index for using the OpenRate customer interface can eb found here Customer Interface Examples.

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