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OpenRate has a dual licensing model, which uses both GPL for End Users and the OpenRate Proprietary License for Systems Integrators/Resellers. No matter which license you have, the overall business benefit of OpenRate is a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

Service Offering Packs

Service Offering Packs are pre-packaged and configured instances of OpenRate software. Because OpenRate is a flexible tool, it can be used to cover a lot of different tasks, however, because the possibilities are so wide, it can sometimes be a daunting task to know where to start.
Service Offering Packs help you get off to a flying start by providing a well thought out and tested approach and basic configuration to tackle some of the more common tasks. Currently available service offering packs:

Implementation Services

Tiger Shore Management Ltd., the company behind OpenRate, have been involved in the telecommunications service sector for over 15 years, providing high quality/high value consultancy services to a wide range of clients ranging from tier 1 telecommunications operators down to start-ups with big plans but little budgets.

Our core business has always been end to end consultancy and implementation services for telecommunications rating and billing, a large part of which is the implementation of new systems.

As part of our offering based around OpenRate, we can provide:

Our Services

We provide a full range of services to help and support you with your installation. Our Services include:

The Business Model

The OpenRate business model is a commercial open source model based on a small license fee plus additional "opt-in" items, meaning that you can pick and choose from a palette of high-quality services that we offer, but can do so when and if it suits your budget.
We work with end users and resellers or systems integrators, and these two gorups have different licensing strategies.

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