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Who is behind OpenRate

OpenRate is "Commercial Open Source". That means that although the source code to OpenRate is freely available, there is a full support and development organisation behind it. It is not "geek" open source, and although we try to limit the costs of using OpenRate, anyone who requries to use it in a mission critical or production environment can be sure that you will receive priority support, when you need it, and of the highest quality.

Welcome to OpenRate

Welcome to OpenRate!
OpenRate is a Commercial Open Source rating, mediation and data manipulation platform which has been created for use in telecommunications and utilities environments. Currently we are offering a stable and mature stand alone package for performing high speed (5000 events/second) rating of usage events.

Buy OpenRate

This section is the portal for people who want to make their OpenRate experience more rich and rewarding, by taking advantage of the high quality commercial services that we offer, in addition to the basic license fee, which now applies for all installations of OpenRate:

Try OpenRate

This section guides you through the first steps with OpenRate, once you have determined that it might be a useful platform for you. Most of the links in this section are aimed at registered users.

The aim of the "Try OpenRate" section is to help you make your first steps with the OpenRate framework, and to see exactly how it does its work. You can get help downloading, installing and then running OpenRate.

Discover OpenRate

This section helps you to get know OpenRate and find your way around OpenRate.

End User Support Contract Level 4

Level 4 support offers you:

  • All of the items included in level 3, plus:
  • Identification and resolution of performance problems
  • Remote upgrades to your installation, (with full backup and rollback support)
  • 24 x 7 support with 30 minute response time for Critical Defects
  • Unlimited support calls

Response times:

  • Critical Defects: 30 minutes, 24 x 7
  • Other Severities: 1 Day, UK Business Hours

Fix/workaround times:

End User Support Contract Level 3

End User Level 3 support offers:

  • All of the items included in level 2, plus:
  • Remote support to identify problems directly in your environment
  • Escalation support to enable you to raise the priority of any defect
  • Creation of emergency patches to provide a workaround in the case of a defect which cannot be otherwise resolved within the service level
  • Unlimited number of support calls

Response times:

End User Support Contract Level 2

End User Level 2 support offers:

  • All of the items included in level 1, plus:
  • Support to developer teams about development matters relating to the modification or extension of the software
  • General clarifications about the internal architecture and structure of OpenRate
  • Critical Defects can be notified by email, Instant Messenger or Telephone
  • Limited to 40 support calls per year

Response times:

  • Critical Defects: 1 Day
  • Other Severities: 2 Days

Fix/workaround times:

End User Support Contract Level 1

End User Level 1 support covers the following items:

VoIP Rating/Billing Service Offering Pack

The VoIP Integrated Rating and Billing Platform is our best selling package. It is mature and in production on many sites with a vibrant and supportive user community. It comprises:

  • Mediation based on OpenRate
  • Traffic Rating based on OpenRate
  • Billing based on jbilling
  • Invoicing based on jbilling

This Service Offering Pack is our most mature and well-established integration, and plays off the strengths of both jbilling and OpenRate to give a robust and powerful system. The main features are:

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