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SI Support Contract Level 4

Systems Integrator Level 4 support offers you:

  • All of the items included in level 3, plus:
  • Identification and resolution of performance problems
  • Remote upgrades to your installation, (with full backup and rollback support)
  • 24 x 7 support with 30 minute response time
  • Unlimited support calls

Response times:

  • Critical Defects: 30 minutes business hours, via email, Instant Messenger or Telephone
  • Other Severities: 1 Days business hours, via web

Fix/workaround times:

SI Support Contract Level 3

Systems Integrator Level 3 support offers:

  • All of the items included in level 2, plus:
  • Remote support to identify problems directly in your environment
  • Escalation support to enable you to raise the priority of any defect
  • Creation of emergency patches to provide a workaround in the case of a defect which cannot be otherwise resolved within the service level
  • Unlimited number of support calls

Response times:

SI Support Contract Level 2

Systems Integrator Level 2 support offers:

  • Second and Third line support, liasing through your first line support team
  • Support to your developer teams about development matters relating to the modification or extension of the software
  • General clarifications about the internal architecture and structure of OpenRate
  • Limited to 40 support calls per year (per agreement, not per client site)

Response times:

Tariff Simulation / Wholesale Reconciliation

OpenRate is a fast open source rating engine with an extendible rating vobabulary. The standard modules cover all commonly used rating models. The core rating engine is also capable of performing multiple independent rating operations.
OpenRate also allows extremely simple importing of tariff sheets, either from file, database, or virtually any other source you can think of. (some of our customers even scrape competitor's pricing off web sites!)

Ad hoc OpenRate support

We are able to provide hourly support services to work on any aspect of your work with OpenRate, without the need for a support contract. Please note that because support contracts also contain a number of "ad hoc support hours" it may be cheaper to directly take out a support contract and use the hours from that.


Please contact us for pricing for ad hoc support, but as a guideline, we charge $70 (USA and rest of world) or €50 (Europe) per hour for ad hoc support.


Get Access to CVS

You can access the CVS repository in one of two ways:

  • Read Only access - this is for people who do not intend to make changes to the system, or who are in the learning phase, and do not want to risk making (potentially bad) changes. 
  • Read/Write access - this is for experienced users and contributors, who wish to extend or modify the core coen.


Read Only

Get OpenRate

OpenRate contains all source codes necessary to build and run the framework, and we offer downloads to selected individuals or oraganisations. Before you get the software, we ask you to enter into a license agreement with us. This usually takes less than a day to sort out. 
Generally we distinguish between two groups of users for licensing:

OpenRate Project Launched

The OpenRate project is an Open Source project to produce a very high performance mediation, rating and billing solution primarily for use in telecommunications environments, but which provides a generalised solution for high speed, highly flexible file manipulation.
OpenRate is a revolutionary approach in solving the problem of high volume or high complexity manipulation and rating of the usage data from files or other data sources.

Who is using OpenRate

OpenRate is rapidly gaining a reference base of customers from all tiers, both end users and Systems Integrators (SIs). Below are some of the selected customers currently using OpenRate, and who have given us explicit permission to cite them as references. If you require a formal reference from any of these companies, please do not hesitate to contact us.
System Integrator/Reseller reference customers

Reasons to choose OpenRate

It is "Commercial Open Source"

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