OpenRate repository moved to github

We've moved the OpenRate source code to GitHub!

We're going to deprecate the Subversion repository, so please update your links. The new location is at:

Please feel free to fork this, but please do contribute back pull requests if you make any changes.


Building OpenRate from GitHub

In order to build OpenRate from the GitHub repository follow these steps:


Jenkins daily build

We're pleased to announce that we have published our Jenkins daily build status.

You can see the daily build status at

To Download the latest stable build, please go to:

OpenRate V1.5.2.x Released

OpenRate V1.5.2.x introduces some important enhancements to OpenRate:

OpenRate Capability Overview

OpenRate is a flexible framework for mediation and rating (pricing) of usage events in a telecommunications, utilities or logistics environment. It can be applied to any real time or batch processing environment in which high-performance management of large numbers of events is required.


What is OpenRate?

OpenRate is a high performance open source, commercially supported mediation and rating engine for telecommunications, utilities and logistics rating. It is a mature, stable and well tested piece of software, in daily production use at numerous sites. OpenRate is blindingly fast because all data is cached in memory, highly flexible because of the modular construction and can be run on virtually any hardware.


Where can I download the software?

The software is freely available for download, but before running in a production environment you should purchase a commercial license. You can get an overview of the license costs on the license conditions page.


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