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Tariff Simulation / Wholesale Reconciliation

OpenRate is a fast open source rating engine with an extendible rating vobabulary. The standard modules cover all commonly used rating models. The core rating engine is also capable of performing multiple independent rating operations.
OpenRate also allows extremely simple importing of tariff sheets, either from file, database, or virtually any other source you can think of. (some of our customers even scrape competitor's pricing off web sites!)

Discover OpenRate

This section helps you to get know OpenRate and find your way around OpenRate.

VoIP Rating/Billing Service Offering Pack

The VoIP Integrated Rating and Billing Platform is our best selling package. It is mature and in production on many sites with a vibrant and supportive user community. It comprises:

  • Mediation based on OpenRate
  • Traffic Rating based on OpenRate
  • Billing based on jbilling
  • Invoicing based on jbilling

This Service Offering Pack is our most mature and well-established integration, and plays off the strengths of both jbilling and OpenRate to give a robust and powerful system. The main features are:

Service Offering Packs

Service Offering Packs are pre-packaged and configured instances of OpenRate software. Because OpenRate is a flexible tool, it can be used to cover a lot of different tasks, however, because the possibilities are so wide, it can sometimes be a daunting task to know where to start.
Service Offering Packs help you get off to a flying start by providing a well thought out and tested approach and basic configuration to tackle some of the more common tasks. Currently available service offering packs:

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