What does OpenRate do? What does it NOT do?

OpenRate is good for high performance processing of files or databases in a telecommunications or utilities or environment, in order to do mediation, rating and pre-billing. Using OpenRate you can configure a mediation and rating pipeline in a couple of days, and expect it to provide throughputs af around 5000 records per second.
If you are looking for billing software, please take a look at our sister site http://www.open-brm.com, which has been created to provide a high performance, robust and fully featured Billing and Revenue Management system. 
Although we can imagine OpenRate being useful in other situations our experience lies primarily in the telecommunications area, with 15 years of direct first line experience in the implementation, and promotion of systems into production environments.
You can however use OpenRate in any situation where you require to perform high speed transformations on records, where the transformations require a certain level of processing. Other potential areas of usage of OpenRate are in utilities billing, mediation, statistical analysis, database loading and general file handling.
OpenRate is not a CRM solution,  a provisioning system or a database.