Where is the Developer Documentation?

The documentation about OpenRate is provided on this site in two parts:

  • The conceptual documentation is provided in the form of PDF documents. The best place to start is the Discovering OpenRate section. In particular, the OpenRate Key Concepts is very informative.
  • The technical documentation is provided in the from of a WiKi. For a quick link go here.

You can get into the documentation WiKi by signing up for an account (it is free, no cost at all involved) and then logging in. After you have logged in, you will find the documentation under the "Reference Documentation" section in the user menu.
I'm looking for the technical documentation (not the fluffy marketing stuff), and can't fiund it on the web site anywhere. Please can you tell me where it is?
Because OpenRate is a live environment, the real technical documentation is inside the Wiki part of the site. Please login (and signup if you need to - it is free) before following the links below:

If you get problems
Please feel free to use our support services. Support is an integral part of a complex and flexible product like OpenRate. You can get into the trouble ticketing system here:
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