Try OpenRate

This section guides you through the first steps with OpenRate, once you have determined that it might be a useful platform for you. Most of the links in this section are aimed at registered users.

The aim of the "Try OpenRate" section is to help you make your first steps with the OpenRate framework, and to see exactly how it does its work. You can get help downloading, installing and then running OpenRate.

If you get problems, we offer you support, using our professional support services. We encourage you to make use of these, as they are very good at resolving any problem you might have.


Get the OpenRate software

I try to get the openrate software by clicking the "Get the openrate software" but alway fail with warning message "You are not authorised to view this resource".
Where can I download it ?

Hi Eri,   Something went

Hi Eri,
Something went wrong in the migration, and the links were still pointing to the old site, which has been disabled. They should work now. Thanks for reporting the problem!