OpenRate V1.5.1.0 Distribution Package Released

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of the OpenRate V1.5.1.0 distribution package!


This release brings us back to having a fully GPL source release of the OpenRate package. Those of you who follow us closely will know that it has always been possible to request access to the CVS repository, and to get the source code that way. However, a completely freely downloadable GPL version of the distribution package has not been available for a long time. we got into discussion with Maarten Ectors at Telruptive, who spent time working with us to investigate ways in which we could make OpenRate freely downloadable again. Maarten also wrote an interesting article about how OpenRate could be a disruptive factor in telecommunications.


We are therefore very pleased indeed to announce that OpenRate is now once again freely downloadable as a zip file download, or a tarball download.


We have also created a LinkedIn OpenRate community group, and we would appreciate it very much indeed if you were to join this group as well. If you have any problems with the download or software you can contact us, or go to the LinkedIn group (