OpenRate License Fees

Before you can use OpenRate, you will need to purchase a license from us. Even though OpenRate is open source software, it is commercially supported and managed. The license fee means that you can be sure you will receive the support you need, and that the platform will continue to be actively governed and managed.


The license costs vary depending on your organisation type, and how many installations you have. We also offer free licenses to active contributors to the OpenRate platform, and partners who help us extend the scope and reach of the OpenRate software. (See "Contributing Partners" below).


End Users

End Users will need to pay the End User license fee, which is a one off payment, depending on the number of events or subscribers you are dealing with:

  • End User License Fee (<1m events/month, <50k subscriptions): $2995/€2495
  • End User License Fee (>1m events/month, >50k subscriptions): $4995/€3495
  • End User License Fee (>100m events/month, >500k subscriptions): $7995/€5995


Systems Integrators/Resellers

Systems Integrators or resellers pay a license fee for access to the software, and then a fee for each site where the OpenRate software is rolled out to ("site" means a single customer, not a physical machine or location):

  • System Integrator/Reseller Access License Fee: $2495/€1995
  • Site fee (first site): $1695/€995
  • Site fee (second site):  $1395/€895
  • Site fee (third site plus): Please contact us for details


Contributing Partners

Contributing Partners are companies or organisations who take on some area of development and extend OpenRate's capability or integrations. In this case, there is no license fee as you are directly extending the platform. For more details please contact us.

  • Contributing Partner License Fee: Free of Charge