Get Access to CVS

You can access the CVS repository in one of two ways:

  • Read Only access - this is for people who do not intend to make changes to the system, or who are in the learning phase, and do not want to risk making (potentially bad) changes. 
  • Read/Write access - this is for experienced users and contributors, who wish to extend or modify the core coen.


Read Only

If you just want to be able to browse the CVS repostory, you can see what is going on using the browser read only access. If you require this, please just request a password via our online Support Trouble ticketing Services.



If you are interested in contributing to the OpenRate project, you can get full "contributor" read/write access. Normally we will want to discuss a little with you about your needs and aims, as part of our overall architectural governance work. Obviously we must all be pulling in the same direction. Bear in mind that OpenRate is a mature system with production sites who rely on the core functionality to remain compatible. Our key contribution to OpenRate is therefore to ensure that changes are in line with the general principles.