Fraud Management Infrastructure Released

As VoIP penetrates further into telephony infrastructure, we're seeing many more cases of fraud being reported from our customers. It's a worrying trend, and it's set to continue and become more common.


Fraud can go undetected for a long time, and in extreme cases, can leave you with invoices you can't charge for and wholesale costs you have to pay. It can wipe your profits out in hours or days. The alternatives are costly: You can have your staff monitor the traffic 24 hours per day, but fraudsters are getting more and more sophisticated, for example by "drip fraud", where the number of calls is limited to avoid detection for longer.


As a result of this, we have included a fraud detection infrastructure into OpenRate as a way of getting an early warning where something might be going on when:

  • A call is made to a number on a black list of destinations
  • Spend goes over a specific limit per day/month
  • A sudden jump in spend occurs


The OpenRate Fraud Detection Infrastructure will warn you within 2 seconds of a fraud detection!


As always with the OpenRate platform, you are not limited to what we have thought up. If you want other rules, the extendible framework supports you in creating these.


Please contact us for more details!


Success Story

A quick update on this topic:
One of our customers has just had their business saved by our Fraud Managment infrastructure. Earlier on in the year they were hit by a series of attacks, which wiped out the accumulated profits to date. The attacks followed this pattern:

  • The fraudsters hacked a PABX - many of these devices are not well secured and exploits are quite well known
  • On Thursday night a short burst of high value international traffic was made from around 1am to 7am - this amounted to about €500 of traffic to Somalian, Nigerian and other destinations. This is a "test attack"
  • The attack stopped on it's own
  • On Friday night the attack started again, and continued unobserved until Monday morning. This attack amounted costs of over €55,000

We are pleased to say that our fraud detection infrastructure correctly notified the start of an attack after only €150 has been spent on the thursday "test attack", and the main attack was prevented.