Fraud Detection Framework

OpenRate offers a highly flexible fraud detection framework that can be easily configured to manage automated fraud detection and notification, at the same time as rating is performed. Since the OpenRate framework is designed as an "always on" system, this means that the fraud window exposure is kept to an absoluite minimum. As soon as the record is rated, it is detected if this record crosses any of the pre-defined fraud triggers you have set, and if so, OpenRate will send a notification to the pre-defined notification recipient without interrupting the call processing performance. Usually the notification is sent to an email list or group, but other notification methods (e.g. SMS) are possible.
The fraud detection triggers are managed internally by the framework, and usually these are periodic (e.g. daily or weekly) and can also have traffic shaping (e.g. Thursday is often the busiest day, Sunday the quietest day) applied to them if necessary, as well as moving average calculations (e.g. if you are in a strong growth phase, static limits will continually trigger false positive notifications, just because your customers are using more of your service.
The fraud detection strategy can include any of the results of your rating process, and fraud counters can be managed at any level (e.g. MSISDN or DDI, subscription, customer or group of customers), and therefore one event can be checked against multiple fraud thresholds. You can choose to set a fraud threshold at DDI level and at customer level, and all thresholds will be evaluated for each call that contributes to them.
To further refine the fraud strategy, counters can have filters applied to them, so that certain destinations, trunks, times of the day or providers may be defined to contribute (or be excluded from) fraud thresholds. For example, certain countries such as Somalia and Nigeria are common targets for fraudulent traffic, and therefore a rule such as "set a threshold for customer 1234 at EUR 100 per day, set a threshold for customer 1234 at EUR 10 per day to destinations Somalia, Thailand, Nigeria" is possible.