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This section helps you to get know OpenRate and find your way around OpenRate.

  • Welcome To OpenRate - A general introduction to the advantages of the OpenRate mediation and rating engine. Explains the general concept behind the business model and the way in which this helps your organisation.
  • Who is Behind OpenRate - A very brief profile of the organisation that provides the support, architectural guidance and vision behind OpenRate.
  • OpenRate Key Concepts - A brief guide the the basic architectural and processing concepts that OpenRate uses.
  • Reasons to Choose OpenRate - Some compelling reasons why you should seriously consider OpenRate in your organisation
  • OpenRate Commercial Support - The way in which you can be sure that you will never feel left out in the cold with your OpenRate installation. 
  • Who is Using OpenRate - A short listing or reference sites and customers who are using OpenRate in their day to day business, and who have allowed us to mention their names
  • License - A short introduction to the OpenRate License, and how it can give you true freedom
  • (History) OpenRate Project Started - Some background information about when and how OpenRate started.
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