ASN Conversion Support

One very popular use of OpenRate is to convert ASN.1 files into flat files for further processing. This takes full advantage of the transactional processing available in the OpenRate processing framework, and offers an extremely simple and effective method of getting high performance conversion as an integral part of mediation or rating.


The ASN.1 conversion service offering pack includes the core framework, the ASN.1 file adapter and basic configuration templates (such as for Ericsson or Huawei). In addition, we offer a tailoring service to modify this to suit your needs.


The Service Offering Packs come with a fully functional installation of OpenRate, installation and operation manuals and 30 day installation support. For longer term operational support, you can use one of our Support Agreements.



  • Basic Converter Pack $995/€795
  • Tailoring service $995/€795