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Convergent Demonstration Package

As part of an ongoing proof of concept study that we are performing with a client, we have created a full convergent demonstration platform that is available both in the Virtual Machine and in the CVS repository. The convergent demonstration was used to study the feasibility and ease of configuration for a moderately complex scenario:

OpenRate Demonstration Appliance Available

We have created an "appliance" based on VMWare's VMWarePlayer (TM), which allows you to instantly run a working OpenRate rating setup, including a development environment.
All you need to do to get the appliance working is download the VMWare Player software from and request the appliance image from us. The image is quite large (about 600MB) compressed, and requires 2GB of disk space to run.
The appliance is built on Ubuntu 5.10 and OpenRate 0.6, and so is freely distributable.

Aggregate Plugin Created

Aggregation is a flexible and highly useful module that you can include in any pipeline, in order to provide statistics, counts, reconciliation information, checksums, totals or any other information that needs to be created over a stream of records. This high performance module adds standard functionality to the framework to allow you to very quickly and easily find the count, sum, maximum or minmum of a stream of infomation.
See the Wiki documentation for more information.

Access to CVS

The OpenRate CVS repository has been made available to registerd users. This will allow you to stay up to date with developments, and view the history of the project.
To access the CVS repository, please register (from the Home Page) and we will set you up with a CVS user name and password. Note that you will need to be able to access the standard CVS port (2401) to use the repository, but we are able to offer tunneling software if you need it.

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