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Business Portal Launched

One of the most important items of feedback that we get is that the OpenRate site is way too technical, and a lot of people don't really know where to start. In response to the (we do have to admit) extremely valid comments, we have launched the "OpenRate Business Portal", which focusses on clear, concise to the point information for people interested purely in the capabilities and commercial considerations.

Open BRM billing engine

We have officially launched the project to get us onto the next major step in our development roadmap. The Open BRM project has been started on the 1st April 2009. This will take up to the next stage of our long term road map for Open Rate, which includes a full billing engine.
More details on the site at

RoadMap updated

We are pleased to announce an updated road map for the coming developments around OpenRate.
There's a lot going on:
Inside Openrate

  • We're expanding the TAP framework
  • We're adding better support for ASN.1 feeds
  • The Real Time architecture (around since 0.7) is being expanded, so that we have the best real convergent time/batch processing architecture around

In integration with other projects

OpenRate V1.0.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that OpenRate Version 1.0.0 has been released!
This first milestone release comes as conformation that we have completed the first phase of OpeRate's architectural vision, to offer a mature, powerful service agnostic convergent mediation and rating engine for use within the telecommunications and utilities markets.
The V1.0.0 distribution version is also available from the "Try OpenRate" section. This downloadable version comes with a full installer, which makes the process of setting things up much quicker.

OpenRate Moves into Energy Rating

OpenRate is a general purpose rating engine, and although it grew up in the telecommunications sector, it has been designed to be generally useful for all high performance data processing environments.
We are pleased to announce that we have just started a project for an existing customer to expand their existing telecommunications traffic rating to include also rating for smart meter readings for electricity and gas rating. This project therefore expands the areas that OpenRate is used for this customer to:

2 out of 3 think that Open Source is going to change the rules

According to a poll on the leading US BSS/OSS trade magazine, around 2 out of 3 people polled think that Open Source software is here to stay, and will change the rules of the game.
See the poll here .

Linked In Group

Open Source Telecom Billing Linked In Group
We have created a linked-in group "Open Source Telecom Billing" with a focus on open source within the BSS and OSS sectors. Please feel free to join this group, which is intended to allow a frank and open exchange about the topic of open source software within this important sector.
You can get to the group using this link

Vanilla Plus Lists OpenRate

The leading European focus journal for BSS and OSS is currently listing OpenRate in it's news section.  Please see:

Real Time Processing Framework

As part of the development for the upcoming 0.7 release of OpenRate, we have implemented real time processing in the openrate framework. This means that the OpenRate Framework is now a fully convergent processing platform for Real Time and Batch Processing.

The Great Big Christmas Giveaway!

We are now firmly in the new year, and the haze of the celebrations is lifting. However, we're still feeling a bit festive.
We're giving away free 2gb OpenRate USB bootable pen drives...

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