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OpenRate V1.1 Convergent Released

OpenRate V1.1 has been released! This is an important release, which brings the full convergence of batch and real time processing to OpenRate, and which also has many minor improvements.
OpenRate V1.1 improves performance, and offers standard mediation/conversion/rating/discounting speeds of 5000-15000 events per second for batch and 1000+ events per second for real time processing, per CPU!

OpenRate V1.1.0.7 Release Notes

OpenRate V1.1.0.7 is a large maintenance release of the Convergent OpenRate rating and mediation platform.



Fraud Management Infrastructure Released

As VoIP penetrates further into telephony infrastructure, we're seeing many more cases of fraud being reported from our customers. It's a worrying trend, and it's set to continue and become more common.


Open Source "Comes of Age"

A recent survey by Accenture concludes that open source  has "come of age".


OpenBSS Invoice Formatter

We're proud to announce the OpenBSS Invoice formatter as part of the Open BSS suite. This is a stand-alone invoice formatter, capable for formatting invoices with high complexities, rapidly, either as a batch or an online service.


The input to the formatter can either be an XML file, or a database, with an extractor pulling the information as needed.


The OpenBSS invoice formatter uses state of the art open source technolgy, and provides great performance, flexibility and formatting as part of the package.

Open Rate rating as a Web Service

We've been aiming at Web Services support for some time, adding the ability to create a rating service, to go along with the existing customer account creation service, which we have had for some time. Based on the new V1.1 real time architecture, we have put together a small "wrapper" project, which presents OpenRate as a Web Rating Service.

The never ending battle with spammers

Once again, we've been forced to tighten the rule for accessing the site, due to the fact that there are people in this world who will abuse any goodwill they find in order to further their own selfish ends.

Javadoc Developer Resource Updated to V1.1.0.0

We're pleased to announce that the Javadoc for V1.1.0.0 is now ready. This terminates the work on completing the Javadoc resources that we set at V1.0.0.0.
You should now find the Javadoc a valuable resource, which binds in well with the Wiki community documentation.

You can get to the Javadoc here.

We're in the final stages of preparing for Release 1.1

We're wrapping up the final stages of release 1.1 at the moment, ironing out a few last minute problems and updating the Javadoc. We expect to release in the next two weeks or so.
Release 1.1 has some important features:

Javadoc Developer Resource Released

In order to improve the quality of the developer documentation, we have released the javadoc documentation for OpenRate.

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